Their Story

That delicious smell of oven fresh desserts? It’s coming from The Killer Baking Company, where things have really been cooking since they moved from San Francisco to Rohnert Park in 2006. The cool couple behind The Killer Baking Company consists of husband and wife team Michael and Carol Garzouzi. Chef Michael specializes in brownies, blondies, and a variety of chocolate covered delights. It’s a classic, family-run small business based on a simple model. The Killer Bakery sells their delicacies through just two channels, mail order and face-to-face at Bay Area art and wine festivals and farmer’s markets. The Killer Baking Company is largely a one-man show, with its sole proprietor doing most of the heavy baking, but the tantalizing treats he produces are well-loved by both the local community here in Rohnert Park and throughout the greater Bay Area.

Their Rohnert Park Advantage:
Amy and Aron chose Windsor because it is their hometown. It’s where they live and Since moving to Rohnert Park, revenues at The Killer Baking Company have increased every year. The low cost of doing business here gives Michael room to breathe, grow his business, and even take a little time to dust the flour off his hands and enjoy all the beautiful sites and sounds of Sonoma County beyond the kitchen.

Rohnert Park also provides an ideal, centrally located launching pad for The Killer Baking Company’s travels. From here Mike can easily reach the festivals and farmer’s markets all around the Bay Area where loyal fans and new converts fawn over his creations. Michael’s favorite event, the Rohnert Park weekly Farmer’s Market, is located just a stone’s throw from their bakery.

As a small business owner, Michael has tremendous appreciation for the City of Rohnert Park. But we like having The Killer Bakery around town, too. Thanks to Michael and his kitchen for keeping us within easy reach of his killer brownies and for being such a great addition to the local flavor of Rohnert Park.

“The economics here are just outstanding. I was able to build my kitchen affordably and can carry on with business without the worry of high monthly expenses.”

-Michael Garzouzi, The Killer Baking Company