When it comes to his career, Software Product Manager Marvin Green likes to be on the cutting edge. He earned his chops (and a patent) at General Electric and then spent two years at Schneider Electric, where he was the product manager for electric vehicle charging station software and mobile apps. In June 2015, he joined Petaluma-based Enphase, a global energy technology company leading the charge to bring smart, connected solar energy to every home, business and community.


Jamaican born and based on the East Coast for much of his life, Marvin frequently traveled to Northern California for work-related meetings. These trips gave him a taste of Bay Area innovation—not only in technology but also in its food and wine culture.

When Enphase called, Marvin saw an opportunity to be on the forefront of change in renewable energy technologies while enjoying life in Wine Country. His wife was in favor of the move despite the fact that she’d need to change jobs as well.

“The Bay Area offers a high concentration of innovative companies & talented individuals in tech world,” says Marvin, “It’s where we wanted to be.”

Marvin and his wife chose to settle in Benicia, about 40 miles east of Petaluma, as it is the central point between his job in Petaluma and her job in San Ramon. Benicia also was a welcomingly affordable option for this couple as first time homebuyers in the Bay Area.

“I don’t mind the commute because the drive takes me through the rolling hills and farmland of Wine Country,” he says. “Once in Petaluma, I have many shopping choices and resources to help with life. I can get all my errands done before I head home.”


Says Green, “Enphase is a relatively small company and Petaluma is a relatively small city. Yet the impact Enphase has made and will continue to make on the solar industry and the environment is astounding.”


Marvin enjoys working with customers on holistic solutions that help manage the solar installation and monitor system operations. The Enphase Enlighten Manager, MyEnlighten and Installer Toolkit applications are a major differentiator for Enphase and are considered benchmarks for other companies in the solar space.

As product manager for Enphase’s mobile apps geared toward solar installers and homeowners, Marvin is at the forefront of change in renewable energy technology. That’s exactly where he likes to be.