We are a business-friendly County.

The Sonoma County Economic Development Board and staff from the nine Cities are here to help you and your business make a start, expand and thrive in Sonoma County. We offer step by step assistance and look forward to meeting you!


In case you haven’t heard, there are people here in Sonoma County whose job is to help your businesses succeed. The Sonoma County Economic Development Team brings together the knowledge, resources, services, connections, information and inspiration to move your business forward. And best of all, they work for you. They’ve helped hundreds of local businesses succeed, so they know what it takes to get things done around here. From start-up to corporate expansion. From permits and regulations to recruiting talent. From the latest data on local trends and opportunities to individual business troubleshooting. They see the big picture about what works now, and they provide direction for the what’s next.

Contact our Business Development Team or one our our nine cities to learn how to grow your business in Sonoma County.