Made in Sonoma County.

At the heart of our county is a history of cultivating natural resources procured from the land. Today, Sonoma County remains a land of cultivators and the movement has spread into many areas beyond agriculture to a combination of art and artisan crafting and making.

We value things that are home made whether something to wear, eat or play with. A lot of things are being made here in our county: beer, wine, cheese, clothing, duck calls (yes, duck calls), and art of many mediums.

Sweet things are cooking at Killer Baking Company in Rohnert Park.

At Eric Kent Wines in Sebastopol, one will find artistry both inside and outside the bottle.

Award winning, small batch ciders at Tilted Shed Ciderworks in Windsor.

To lean more about the Maker Culture in Sonoma County visit:

Chimera Arts

180 Studios