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Their Story

The Swiss may be known for neutrality and chocolate, but they’re also known for precision and quality, which is precisely the sort of Swiss export we have here in Rohnert Park. LEMO is a manufacturer of high quality electrical and fiber optic connectors. Known for the original “Push-Pull” connector, LEMO products are found in applications ranging from medical to tele-communications made by companies that range from Panavision to Boeing.

Their story is impressive. Founder Léon Mouttet invented the “Push-Pull” self-latching system over 70 years ago. Since then, they’ve been a model of reliability and quality in connecting the critical operations that keep companies open for business throughout the world. Rohnert Park residents since 2000, the LEMO USA facility is testament to what you can build for your company here, i.e. the bang you can get for your buck. Occupying a sprawling expanse of grassy open space, the facility is a sleek, modern four-story office and assembly plant that houses over 120 employees. Along with assembling the connectors manufactured in Switzerland, it’s home to the US headquarters for sales, marketing and engineering.

Their Rohnert Park Advantage:
After moving offices twice, the people of LEMO USA are happy to be settled in Rohnert Park. Professionally, they were able to afford, and invest in, 192,000 square feet of prime property to build their US flagship facility. They get access to technical markets and talent, many of whom joined LEMO USA during the telecom boom of the 1990’s and have stayed with the company since. Personally, they get the Sonoma County lifestyle, highly convenient with Rohnert Park’s central location and lower cost of living than points north or south. Whether they live and work or just work here, they take part in a healthy, vibrant community. No wonder most LEMO USA employees live within 10 miles of their workplace. Clearly this is a company that values a balanced life/work equation. From the free fresh fruit and healthy snacks to exercise incentives, LEMO USA has found a comfortable home for its US operations, and the people who live and work here.

“Rohnert Park is one of the great places to do business in the North Bay. The quality of life alone accounts for better health and less stress, as well as a solid work force. The peaceful location offers access to all sorts of physical activities as well as a serene, beautiful and peaceful work environment. Switzerland is a beautiful place, too, yet our foreign visitors never stop talking about our area after they are gone, and they all wish to return.”