Sonoma County is home to over 1,800 Arts and Design businesses. These creative industries account for ~5 percent of the total number of businesses located in Sonoma County. (Source: Americans for the Arts)

Sonoma County boasts an active and diverse music scene with musicians and bands from all genres writing, performing and recording great music. This summer, 100 of them convened at the Next Level Music Showcase and Conference to show off their skills, network, and learn how to expand their careers.
Sonoma County can claim early roots for the Makers community with local resident Dale Dougherty being credited as the Maker movement’s founder. Sonoma State University boasts the first Certificate in Making at a state university and making curriculum is integrated at the K-12 level as well. The movement has produced two businesses where makers can access gear, meet up with other makers, and learn new skills: 180 Studios in Santa Rosa and Chimera Arts and Makers Space in Sebastopol.

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