Since the late 1990’s, Sonoma County has grown to be a premier destination for tourism, and its proximity to Bay Area venues and airports augment its number of local and international visitors.

Sonoma County offers an extensive natural topography for outdoor recreation which draws visitors from all over the Bay Area and beyond. The rugged mountains that extend 76 miles over the Pacific Coast, the Armstrong Redwoods, and the Russian River offer exquisite views and massive potential for outdoor activity. According to the Sonoma County Economic Development Board’s 2010 Tourism Survey, rising market opportunities in the region include health and wellness, eco-tourism and cycling.

The Charles Schulz Sonoma County Airport compliments the tourism industry by providing direct air access to the region. (The airport also allows one case of wine to be checked as baggage, free of charge.)

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Redwoods & Rivers
The Russian River resort area is a vacation destination surrounded by ancient redwoods in the heart of Sonoma Wine Country.

Beer Trail Itinterary
With at least two dozen operating breweries and more opening seemingly every day, Sonoma County flows with the love of good beer.

Coast & Beaches
More than 55 miles of dramatic Pacific coast create Sonoma County’s western border.

Key businesses, organizations, attractions, and activities